ToyRoom T102 Electric Water Gun,Automatic Reload 32FT,Squirt Gun for Adults&Kids,Auto Suction Gun with Modular Battery,Summer Gun Pool Beach Outdoor Party Toys for Kids Ages 8-12

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Product Information

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bodinator water gun water blaster


Product Description

1. Waterproof Design: Unlike other water guns for adults&kids, our Skirfy electric water gun will not leak, ensuring maximum fun without wasting precious water. The drainage hole at the bottom of the battery is for drainage after it is full of water, and is not a leakage problem.
2. Exclusive Cool Design&Continuous Powerful Shots: Unleash the power of our cool design water gun and get ready for non-stop water spraying action! Whether you're a kid or an adult, our water guns for kids ages 8+ will take your fighting skills to the next level with its lightning-fast firing and quick reloading. Don't settle for ordinary - choose our high-quality water blaster for epic water fights every time!
3. Automatic Reload Water & Long Range: Immerse the front end of the strongest water gun into a water source, and the automatic water gun will automatically absorb water and completely refill within 10-15 seconds. Gain the upper hand in water battles with our auto suction squirt guns.This is a recommended squirt gun for cats.
4. Easy to use & Strong battery Power: No more complicated water filling process! Automatically absorb water with one click; install batteries with one click, no need to lock screws; now, you can just pull the trigger of most powerful water gun and shoot with one click!
5. Summer Pool Party & Gift Choice: Experience endless summer fun with our high powered water guns for adults! This battery-operated water gun is perfect for enjoying family time outside at the beach, pool or party, guaranteeing hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Encourage parent-child bonding, promote communication and create lasting memories. It's also a perfect birthday,daily,easter,Christmas,Thanksgiving gift for kids and adults on their special days. Don't miss out on the fun - get powerful water guns for kids ages 8-12 today!

Questions & Answers

Q1: Is there any way to determine when the battery is fully charged?

A1: Fully charged for first use, red light on means charging, red light off means battery is full.

Q2: Is this water pistol waterproof?

A2: Our electric water gun is waterproof, but do not soak in the water, including playing at the seaside of the swimming pool.

Q3: What are the specifications of recharging batteries? How long does it take to fully charge?

A3: The battery is capacity: 500mAh, voltage: 3.7V. It usually takes 1-2 hours to fully charge.

Q4: How to install a battery?

A4: Gently press the protruding part, connect the battery bayonet, put the battery on the left, then put it in the wire, and turn off the battery cover.

Q5: When the water gun is connected to the backpack bag, how long does it take to shoot water guns?

A5: When installing a backpack, the water gun connecting the water pipe to wait for 5-10s to shoot the water.

Q6: Why do I have some water stains in my clip?

A6: At the factory, each of our clips is tested for quality, and there may be missed water droplets, or water vapor caused by high temperatures during shipping.


1. Please avoid directly shooting the face and eyes.
2. Keep away from fire, and do not spray on open flames.
3. To avoid water leaks, When you need to carry it or put it in your pocket, please do not pack water.
4. When the water gun is not in use, please remove the battery.


What's in the box

1. Water gun * 1
2. Goggle * 1
3. Rechargeable Battery * 1
4. USB Charging Cable * 1