Holyton HT40 2 IN 1 Drones for Kids Adults, Remote Control Drone Airplane for Beginners, RC Quadcopter Drone with Land Mode Fly Mode, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, Emergency Stop

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Holyton HT40 2 IN 1 Drones for Kids Adults, Remote Control Drone Airplane for Beginners, RC Quadcopter Drone with Land Mode Fly Mode, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, Emergency Stop is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Product Information

Brand Name:  HolyTon
Product Dimensions 8.26 x 6.49 x 2.56 inches
Item Weight 2.72 ounces
Item model number HT40
Manufacturer recommended age 14 - 14 years
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


New design! Great birthday/holiday/Christmas gift for kids!

Brand new exterior design, the first small drone built with an aircraft carrier concept in mind. It features dual-mode flight capabilities, allowing for both land and aerial operations, and is equipped with two batteries for an extended flight time of up to 15 minutes.

Land&Sky Mode

Land Mode:

  • After pairing, use the right joystick to move the drone Forward/Backward on the ground by toggling it up or down.
  • Also, combined with the left joystick simultaneously for Forward Turn/Reverse Turn.

Sky Mode:

  • Press the takeoff button, the drone will automatically take off and hover at 5 ft. At this time, you can use the joystick to control the drone and the different buttons to perform various functions.

Circle Fly

Long press the button with the speed sign, the transmitter will make a long beep, which indicates that the drone has entered the Circle Fly function.

3 Speed Modes

Comes with Low/Medium/High different modes. Short press the button with the speed sign to switch speed modes.


360-Degree Flips

Short press the button with the 360° sign, then push the right joystick for-/back-/left-/rightward. The mini drone will do a flip toward the corresponding direction. (Note: Be sure the drone is at least 10ft from the ground.)

HT40 Drones for Kids to Enjoy More Fun


One Key Takeoff/Landing

One-click to start an adventure journey!


Altitude Hold

Stably hovering in the air after you release the left joystick, easy to control.


Emergency Stop

Long Press the button with the takeoff/landing sign, drone will cut the power immediately and drop, get everything under control.



Product Describe

HT40 drone airplane is an ideal beginner drone for both kids and adults to operate. Do crazy stunts like 3D flip without issues. What's more, there are three-speed levels for you to adjust to. Kids can start from the lower speed mode first to learn about operation skills and then advance to higher speed to enjoy a more exciting flying experience. Besides, HT40 drone airplane has 2.4GHz radio control system. It can be radio controlled maximum distance of 164 ft. The strong anti-interference ability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends. Under Headless Mode, directions is always relative to where you face, this can easily give you directions. HT40 drone airplane has fly mode and land mode, in fly mode, the 2 batteries offer 18 mins flight time; in land mode, the 2 batteries offer 30 mins play time, allows you and your child to enjoy more fun time. FLY HT40 DRONE AIRPLANE IN THE SKY WITH YOUR KIDS!

  • 2 IN 1 DESIGN:Experience the thrill like never before with our innovative 2-in-1 design that seamlessly merges the excitement of a toy car with the exhilaration of a drone. Get ready to dominate both the road and the sky in one unforgettable adventure!Picture yourself racing at lightning speed on the road one moment, and then effortlessly transforming into a high-flying drone the next. The possibilities are endless as you seamlessly switch between ground and aerial maneuvers, leaving ordinary playtime far behind.Experience the joy of a new era in playtime innovation. Elevate your racing aspirations and soar to new heights with the ultimate 2-in-1 Drone Airplane and Toy Car. Unleash the boundless possibilities that await when you seamlessly merge the realms of land and air. Get ready to transform, race, and fly - all in one incredible package!
  • THREE SPEED MODES:Prepare to embark on a journey like no other with our cutting-edge drone equipped with a trio of speed modes. Unleash the true potential of your aerial adventures as you seamlessly transition between these three distinct levels of speed, each tailored to meet your unique flying preferences and challenges.Explore the skies like never before with our versatile drone featuring three-speed modes. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate flyer, or an adrenaline junkie seeking high-speed excitement, our drone has the perfect mode for you. Choose from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced modes to tailor your flight experience and take your aerial adventures to new heights. Fly with confidence, precision, or unleash your inner speed demon – the choice is yours!
  • 3D STUNT FLIP:Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience with our innovative 3D stunt flip drone. Watch in awe as it defies gravity, performing jaw-dropping flips, spins, and twists in mid-air. Unleash your inner pilot as you command this drone to execute thrilling aerial acrobatics, leaving spectators amazed by its daring maneuvers. Elevate your flying game and turn the sky into your playground with our 3D stunt flip drone!Precision control meets boundless creativity as you seamlessly execute 3D flips and spins at your command. Whether you're aiming for that perfect cinematic shot or aiming to push the limits of drone aerobatics, our drone is your partner in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Ignite your imagination, showcase your skills, and inspire others as you redefine the art of drone flight.
  • MULTIPLE FUN FEATURES:Step into a world of limitless exploration as you take flight with a drone that offers an incredible array of captivating functions. Elevate your flying experience with the Altitude Hold feature, ensuring a steady and smooth flight at your desired height. The Emergency Stop function provides peace of mind, allowing you to halt the drone's movement instantly when needed.But that's not all – brace yourself for the innovation of Headless Mode. Navigate your drone effortlessly, regardless of its orientation, making piloting a breeze for both beginners and experts. Embark on thrilling aerial escapades, capturing breathtaking views and pushing your skills to new heights.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS:Searching for that perfect Birthday, Christmas, or holiday gift for kids or beginners? Look no further! Our drone is a gateway to boundless fun, creating unforgettable memories in every corner of their world. From parties to school gatherings, fishing trips to hikes, and even long journeys, this drone is a constant source of joy and entertainment.Beyond mere entertainment, our drone cultivates creativity and coordination, allowing kids to engage in immersive play that sharpens their minds while keeping them active. It's not just a gift; it's a platform for growth, discovery, and endless excitement.