DEERC Z62 RC Plane for Water Land & Air, Amphibious Tri-phibian Aircraft, 3CH Remote Control Plane W/ 2 Batteries, 2.4GHz RTF Airplane Glider for Boy Girl

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  • 3 CHANNELS & 24+ MINS FLIGHT TIME: Z62 3 channels RC plane boastng impressive versatility, capable of gliding seamlessly both on water and land. It can adeptly maneuver, turning both left and right with precision. Once airborne, the seaplane showcases its aerial prowess, ascending and descending and allowing for smooth left and right turns in mid-flight. Coupled with two batteries, pilots can indulge in over 24 minutes of flying time, allowing for extensive exploration and enjoyment. 
  • VERSATILE TAKEOFF CAPABILITIES & 2 SPEED MODES: This RC airplane embodies versatility and adaptability. With the unique capability to launch from the ground, be hand-tossed into the air, or glide effortlessly from water, it offers pilots flexibility unlike any other. To enhance the flying experience, it's equipped with two-speed modes, ensuring both novices and seasoned flyers can find their perfect pace. Whether launching from a lakeside or your hand, a plane promises an exhilarating experience
  • ENGINEERED FOR PRECISION & SAFETY: The RC floatplane operates on a 2.4 GHz radio system, ensuring a reliable and interference-free connection over max 500ft distances. It also enhances the safety of flights with two features. The onboard low battery alert notifies pilots when it's time to return or land, preventing unwanted power depletion during flight. Moreover, the out-of-range warning serves as an added layer of protection, alerting users if the seaplane ventures too far from the controller.
  • DURABILITY, RESILIENCE & ADAPTABILITY: Made from crash-resistant EPP material, this plane is designed to withstand impacts, reducing the risk of damage during minor crashes or rough landings. Stands out with its advanced waterproof design, offering pilots peace of mind during over-water adventures. Notably, should the unexpected happen and the plane capsizes on the water, its built-in features and controls ensure it isn't stranded, it can still be maneuvered back.
  • GIFT FOR BUDDING AVIATORS & VETERAN FLYERS: Our RC plane is the epitome of convenience and accessibility. Designed as 'RTF,' it eliminates the complex setups, allowing pilots to take to the skies shortly after unboxing. Its intuitive controls and user-friendly design make it suitable for all ages, from young enthusiasts getting their first taste of flight to seasoned pilots looking for a reliable craft. It's a perfect blend of simplicity and fun, promising memorable moments for everyone.

    Operating Note

    1. Pairing
    Please kindly note that using the fully charged remoter battery and truck battery before the pairing. Then keep the remoter's trigger mid.
    2. Motor Safety Using
    We recommend customers need to wait for the motor to cool down after 15-20 minutes of driving, and touch the car body.
    3. Low Battery Power
    - Remote: The indicator lights will blink slowly.
    - RC Car: When the car cannot drive forward or backward, a fully charged battery needs to be replaced.
    4. Not use
    We recommend wiping the car shell before storing it to ensure durable use. Remove the remote control and car battery to ensure long-term use.