ToyRoom XT204 Drone with 6K UHD Camera,Foldable Drones for Adults Kids, RC Quadcopter Drone, Brushless Motor, Optical Flow Positioning,2 Batteries, Black

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Product Information

Brand ToyRoom
Age Range (Description) Adult
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Battery Capacity 1800 Milliamp Hours
Control Type Remote Control
Media Type SD
Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi
Are Batteries Included Yes
Remote Control Included? Yes
Product Dimensions 10.63"L x 9.45"W x 2.76"H
Manufacturer ToyRoom
Item Weight 15 ounces
Manufacturer Part Number XT204


Product Describe

1.During the flight of XT204, you will journey through the realm of intelligent future, with each moment becoming a turning point of splendid experiences. The intelligent obstacle avoidance system becomes your secure navigator, accompanying your explorations with utmost safety. The wondrous combination of dual camera perspectives unveils a series of astonishing miracles. Experience the enchantment of WiFi FPV real-time transmission as it instantaneously transforms your vision into reality. The application of Optical Flow Positioning technology seamlessly merges stability with boundless possibilities. The one-key takeoff/landing feature makes flying effortlessly comfortable, while the headless mode empowers you to effortlessly grasp every airborne moment. Unveil the beauty and excitement of flight as 360° rolls trace the elegance and vitality of your aerial journey. The three-speed modes provide a staircase for advancing your skills, and with gesture photography, capturing your flight story is effortlessly achieved.

  • INTELLIGENT OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE:intelligent obstacle avoidance technology bids farewell to collision concerns during your flight. Leveraging advanced sensing devices and real-time data analysis, drones can accurately identify the surrounding environment and swiftly react to avoid potential obstacles. This not only safeguards your flight but also elevates your exploratory journey to new heights.Intelligent obstacle avoidance technology not only ensures your drone remains unaffected by collisions but also endows you with enhanced freedom. 
  • DUAL CAMERA:The front-facing camera's wide-angle 6K high-definition WIFI lens presents the world before you. Each frame holds intricate details, capturing the beauty of landscapes, allowing you to immerse yourself in distant skies.The bottom-mounted high-definition lens brings forth endless shooting possibilities, complemented by optical flow technology, transforming it into a canvas of boundless perspectives. Effortlessly switch camera angles mid-flight, capturing scenes from different vantage points, adding more dimensions to your creative endeavors.For immaculate clarity in every shot, our unique lens stabilization design ensures a steady image, eliminating unwanted vibrations. 
  • Wifi FPV real-time transmission:XT204 Drone's WiFi FPV real-time transmission feature propels you into the heart of the action, providing an unmatched perspective on your surroundings.OThe WiFi FPV real-time transmission delivers instant gratification, beaming the drone's-eye view directly to your screen. Whether you're capturing stunning vistas or navigating intricate environments, you're in control of every exhilarating moment.Experience the world from a new angle and share your unique point of view with others. WiFi FPV real-time transmission allows you to capture captivating photos and videos that tell your story. 
  • Optical Flow Position:Experience a new level of flight stability as the XT204 leverages Optical Flow Positioning to glide smoothly and steadily through the air. This transformative capability significantly reduces drift and jitters, empowering pilots with greater control over their aerial journeys.Navigate the skies with confidence, even in areas where GPS signals falter. The XT204's Optical Flow Position feature unlocks new possibilities for exploration, enabling you to soar through urban canyons, dense forests, and intricate landscapes while maintaining control and precision.E
  • Excellent for Skill Training:Embark on a journey of skill enhancement with the XT204 drone. It's not just a drone ,it's a flying classroom designed to nurture your piloting abilities. Seamlessly transition from the ground to the skies with one-key takeoff and landing. Navigate with confidence using headless mode, effortlessly maneuvering regardless of the drone's orientation. Add a touch of flair with 360° rolls and explore different speed modes to match your progress. Capture moments with gesture photography, creating memories that defy gravity.