ToyRoom T16 Children's Rocket Launcher Electric RPG Four shot 8 Grenade Cannon Mortar Missile 10 Year Old Boy Toy Gun

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Changshuang has a large capacity of 8 consecutive shots, no need to reload bullets frequently, and soft bullets.

Cool sound effects: Launching a missile will play cool sound effects: the voice of enemy discovery and the voice of ammunition.
Enemy found voice: The enemy has 10 seconds to reach the battlefield, the whole army will attack
Ammunition voice: anti-aircraft rounds, anti-rocket rounds, special transition rounds

Long-distance shooting, easily hit distant targets, and can be fired continuously. Adjustable magnifying glass to assist aiming. Removable parts, infrared, telescope, bullet pouch.

High-quality soft bullets will not cause harm to the human body when shot at close range. EVA sponge is soft and dense.

Extra large size, big rocket launcher, 61cm.