ToyRoom T118 UAV that can launch water bombs, professional high-definition aerial photography aircraft for children, small entry-level remote control aircraft for primary school students

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Product Information

brand: ToyRoom
Item number: T118
Suitable age: >=8 years old
Applicable gender: unisex
Toy type: Electric toys
sort by color: blue, black, orange
Takeoff total weight: 0.25kg
Maximum flight altitude: 120 meters
Empty weight: 0.25kg




Product Description

1. High-Definition Aerial Photography: Capture crisp, detailed aerial photos and videos with the professional-grade 4K UHD camera, perfect for young enthusiasts and family fun.

2. Innovative Water Bomb Launching: Unique feature allows launching of water bombs, adding excitement to outdoor play and giving a new twist to aerial games.

3. Durable and Lightweight: Weighing just 249g, this UAV is designed for easy handling and maneuverability, making it ideal for users of all skill levels without needing FAA registration.

4. Extended Flight Time: Equipped with a robust 2800mAh battery, enjoy up to 26 minutes of uninterrupted flight, ideal for extended sessions of exploration and fun.

5. Smart Flight Features: Includes advanced functionalities like gesture control, voice command, and intelligent flight modes such as follow me, orbit flying, and auto-avoidance for safer and more engaging flying experiences.