ToyRoom L500 Pro GPS Drone with 4K HD Camera for Adults and Beginners, FPV RC Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, 5G WIFI Transmission, 2 Batteries, Black

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Product Information

Unfolding Size 12.6*12.6*2.2inch
Folded Size 5.5*6.3*2.2inch
Flight Time 20-25mins/per battery
Control Distance 1200meters
Transmission Distance 300-600meters
Gesture/Video Reconization 1-3M
Front Video Resolution 1920*1080
Front Photo Resolution 4096*2160
Bottom Video Resolution 1280*720
Bottom Camera Resolution 1280*720
Remote Control Battery 3.7V 350mAh
Charging time of Transmitter About 1 hours
Transmitter Battery Endurance About 3 hours
Adjustable angle Camera 90°
Support Maximum Phone Size 5.5inch
UAV Battery Charging State when the light on is Charging, when the light off is full power


Product Describe

Are you in search of an affordable GPS drone that offers advanced features and delivers high-quality footage? Your quest ends with the L500-Pro Drone! Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiast eager to capture breathtaking aerial footage, the L500 Pro Drone is the perfect choice. Equipped with a 4K HD camera capable of capturing stunning aerial visuals. With GPS technology at your fingertips, navigation becomes a breeze, and you can effortlessly execute an automatic one-key return to the take-off point. This feature is a boon for beginners, ensuring that learning to fly the drone is a smooth and enjoyable experience. It also guarantees that the drone remains easy to control, even when flying at a considerable distance. What sets the L500-Pro Drone apart are its ingenious smart features, including follow me, surrounding flight, and gesture recognition modes. With these features at your disposal, you can effortlessly capture footage without the need for intricate drone control. This makes it remarkably simple to capture stunning visuals, even if you're just starting your journey in aerial photography.

Precise Navigation and Return Functions:


  • GPS One-Key Return: Enjoy stress-free flying with the L500 Pro?s GPS-enabled one-key return function. Effortlessly command your drone to return to its takeoff point.
  • Low Battery and Signal Loss Return: Never worry about running out of power or losing signal mid-flight. The L500 Pro Drone is equipped with low battery and signal loss return functions, ensuring a safe journey every time.


Intelligent Follow Modes:


  • GPS Intelligent Follow: Let the drone do the work for you. Activate GPS intelligent follow, and the L500 will autonomously track your movements, keeping you in the frame at all times.
  • Image Tracking: Capture the perfect shot with image tracking. The drone identifies and automatically follows your subject, providing stunning footage without the need for complex controls.


Gesture Photography: Express yourself through gestures. Within 1-3 meters of the drone and facing the camera, use simple hand gestures to trigger photos or videos. It's photography made easy.

Multi-Point Flight Planning: Take control of your drone's flight path with multi-point planning. Set a series of waypoints, and the drone will autonomously navigate the route, allowing you to focus on capturing incredible shots.

Precise Orbiting: With fixed-point orbit, the L500 Drone centers on a chosen location. By manipulating the controller, you can define the desired orbit radius, creating stunning cinematic shots with ease.

Find My Drone: Don't fret if your drone goes off the radar. With Find My Drone, a simple sequence of three clicks on the GPS signal icon opens the map interface, displaying the drone's last known location and coordinates.

Media Sharing: Seamlessly share your aerial masterpieces. Choose and share photos individually or select multiple images for sharing. And when it comes to video, each sharing session features one video for straightforward, efficient sharing.

Adjustable 4K Camera:The L500 Drone's camera is a powerhouse. Not only does it capture in stunning 4K, but it's also angle adjustable. Remote camera control ensures you get the perfect shot every time.

Smart Li-Po Battery & Enhanced Flight Time: The L500 Drone is powered by a 7.4V smart Li-Po battery, offering an extended flight time of up to 25 minutes. Say goodbye to frequent battery swaps and maximize your time in the sky.


Elevate your drone experience with the L500, and harness these incredible features to explore, capture, and share the world like never before.