ToyRoom D97 GPS Drone with 8K UHD Camera, Foldable Drones for Adults Beginners, RC Quadcopter Drone, Brushless Motor, VR Mode, GPS Auto Follow

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Product Information

Brand ToyRoom
Material ToyRoom
Condition New
Video Capture Resolution 8K UHD
Motor Brushless
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor-Outdoor
Features GPS Brushless Drone
Type GPS Drone
Model D97
Camera Features 8K HD Video Recording
Maximum Flight Time 15 mins
Connectivity App Controller, Remote Control, Wi-Fi Connection
Control Channels 4 channels
Operator Skill Level Beginner
Charging Voltage 3.7V


Product Describe

The D97 GPS drone is an advanced and versatile aerial companion. Equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance, HD dual cameras, optical flow positioning, GPS multifunctional return, and powerful brushless motors, it offers a truly immersive and worry-free flying experience. Capture stunning aerial footage, navigate with precision even in GPS-denied areas, and enjoy stable flights in challenging wind conditions. Elevate your aerial photography and exploration with the D97 GPS drone's cutting-edge technology.Embrace the full potential of aerial freedom with the D97's powerful brushless motors, granting you stability and wind-resistance like never before. Elevate your creativity, expand your horizons, and experience the world from new heights with the cutting-edge technology of the D97 GPS drone. Let your imagination take flight!

  • INTELLIGENT OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE :The D97 GPS drone is equipped with advanced intelligent obstacle avoidance capabilities, allowing it to detect and avoid obstacles in real-time, ensuring a safe and smooth flight.Say goodbye to worries about potential collisions with trees, buildings, or any other obstacles in your flight path. The intelligent obstacle avoidance system enables the drone to intelligently navigate around obstacles, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning aerial footage and exploring new heights without any interruptions.Experience a truly immersive and worry-free flying experience with the D97 GPS drone's intelligent obstacle avoidance technology. 
  •  HD DUAL CAMERA : Take your aerial photography and videography to the next level with the D97 GPS drone's HD dual camera feature. This cutting-edge drone is equipped with not just one, but two high-definition cameras, providing you with a versatile and immersive flying experience.The dual cameras work in perfect harmony, allowing you to capture stunning photos and videos from different perspectives simultaneously. With one camera facing forward and the other facing downward, you can effortlessly switch between capturing breathtaking aerial views and ground-level shots with ease.
  •  OPTICAL FLOW POSITIONING :Elevate your drone flying experience with the cutting-edge technology of optical flow positioning. The D97 GPS drone is equipped with an advanced optical flow sensor that allows for enhanced stability and precise positioning during flight.With optical flow positioning, the drone can fly with precision even in GPS-denied environments, making it ideal for indoor flights or capturing stunning aerial footage in urban areas with tall buildings. Say goodbye to worries about losing your drone in complex environments; the optical flow technology keeps the drone on track, giving you the freedom to focus on capturing stunning shots.
  •  GPS Intelligent Multifunctional Return :The D97 GPS drone is equipped with GPS system that adds intelligence and versatility to your flying experience. With its multifunctional return feature, you can fly with confidence, knowing that the drone is always within your control.Say goodbye to the fear of losing your drone during flights. With the D97 GPS drone's intelligent multifunctional return capabilities, you can focus on capturing stunning aerial moments without worrying about its safe return. Whether you're a professional aerial photographer or a drone enthusiast, this feature enhances your flying experience and keeps your investment secure.
  •   BRUSHLESS MOTOR:Unleash the Full Potential of Aerial Freedom with Brushless Motors!Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of airborne adventures with our D97 drone, meticulously crafted to offer stable flight even in the face of challenging wind conditions. Embracing the latest breakthroughs in aviation technology, our drones are armed with high-efficiency brushless motors, revolutionizing the way you experience the skies.Embark on an extraordinary aerial odyssey with our UAVs featuring brushless motor technology. Reap the benefits of efficiency, power, and wind-resistance like never before. 
  • What’s in Box:
  • Drone*1
  • Remote Control*1 
  • Lithium Battery*2 
  • USB Charging Cable*1
  • Spare Propeller (Additional)*4 
  • Spare Wind Blade*2
  • Screwdriver*1 
  • Carry Case*1 
  • Operate Manual*1 
  • WIFI Manual*1