EagleStone Electric Water Gun for Adults Kids with LED Lights, Super Battery Powered Squirt Gun,Automatic Soaker Water Gun 650CC Capacity, 33FT Range,Pool Beach Outdoor Party Toys for Kids Ages 8-12

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Product Information

EagleStone Colorful LED Light Water Gun


Swimming Pool Beach Outdoor Toys for Kids


Join The Water Battle with Friends and Family to Enjoy the Summer Party !


EagleStone Long Shooting Rage Water Gun Suitable for Party, Beach, Seaside


Automatic Electric Water Gun for Adults Long Range


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Perfect Choice for Summer Fun



Product Description

1. Dual Dazzling LED Water Gun: Take your water battles to the next level with our cutting-edge water gun featuring dual dazzling LED lights. Stand out in the crowd with its eye-catching yellow Marquee design on the body and a fixed blue light on the muzzle. Perfect for both boys and girls, this water gun is sure to captivate children's imaginations during water battles.
2. 650cc+ Large Capacity with Spare Water Tank: Never run out of ammunition with our high-powered water gun boasting a generous 650cc capacity. With a 300cc water tank and a 350cc expandable spare tank, enjoy sustained shooting or extended gaming sessions without interruption. Dominate the battlefield with continuous water power at your fingertips.
3. Powerful Water Gun with Auto Absorption: Say goodbye to downtime with our electric water gun's auto absorption technology. Simply immerse the muzzle in water, press the button, and refill the tank within 10-15 seconds. Stay in the action and replenish your ammunition anytime, anywhere for an unbeatable advantage.This is an electric water gun with strong power and large water output driven by an upgraded electric motor, which provides you with excellent injection power and shooting range of up to 33 feet.
4. Long Battery Life and 2 Shooting Mode: With a powerful 1200mAh rechargeable battery, the electric water gun for kids 4-8,8-12 enjoys up to 3 hours of continuous play when fully charged. Choose between manual shooting mode or electric shooting mode to suit your combat strategy. Adapt to any situation and dominate the battlefield with ease.
5. Strong Waterproof Capability: Designed for maximum durability, our water gun features excellent waterproof capabilities. Whether in the pool or under heavy water bombardment, rest assured that our water gun will continue to perform flawlessly. Dive into the action without hesitation and make every moment unforgettable.
6. The Perfect Gift for Outdoor Fun: Make every summer moment memorable with our light-up powerful water gun. Ideal for adults, teens, and kids alike, it's the perfect outdoor activity toy for summer parties, pool parties, birthdays, Easter, and carnivals. Give the gift of endless fun and adventure with our ultimate water gun.

Questions & Answers

Q1: Is there any way to determine when the battery is fully charged?

A1: Fully charged for first use, red light on means charging, red light off means battery is full.

Q2: Is this water pistol waterproof?

A2: Our electric water gun is waterproof, but do not soak in the water, including playing at the seaside of the swimming pool.

Q3: What are the specifications of recharging batteries? How long does it take to fully charge?

A3: The battery is capacity: 500mAh, voltage: 3.7V. It usually takes 1-2 hours to fully charge.

Q4: How to install a battery?

A4: Gently press the protruding part, connect the battery bayonet, put the battery on the left, then put it in the wire, and turn off the battery cover.

Q5: When the water gun is connected to the backpack bag, how long does it take to shoot water guns?

A5: When installing a backpack, the water gun connecting the water pipe to wait for 5-10s to shoot the water.

Q6: Why do I have some water stains in my clip?

A6: At the factory, each of our clips is tested for quality, and there may be missed water droplets, or water vapor caused by high temperatures during shipping.


1. Please avoid directly shooting the face and eyes.
2. Keep away from fire, and do not spray on open flames.
3. To avoid water leaks, When you need to carry it or put it in your pocket, please do not pack water.
4. When the water gun is not in use, please remove the battery.


What's in the box

1. Water gun * 1
2. Goggle * 1
3. Rechargeable Battery * 1
4. USB Charging Cable * 1